Protect the sharks of French Polynesia.






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Our Mission:

to serve as a platform for shark research, educational outreach for the local community, thorough training for shark professionals, safe shark handling techniques for fishermen to promote positive coexistence, hook removal, and ensuring the enforcement of the protection of sharks in French Polynesia.




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remote tuamotus tiger shark study

In November 2018 we led an expedition to a remote area in search of tiger shark hot spots. We were successful in our efforts and discovered a region in which sub-juvenile , juvenile, and sub-adult tiger sharks congregate in unusually high concentrations with longer than average residency rates. We return to this study site often to conduct surveys of different forms; behavioral, population, environmental, and individual. We are also conducting research to better understand the genetic link between this hotspot and the adult female tiger shark hotspot located in Pape’ete of Tahiti island.

oceanic white tip photo id database

After experiencing an increase in oceanic white tip observations over the last few years, in 2018 we began a photo identification database of the sharks encountered offshore Mo’orea (with submissions welcome from other affiliates and locations in French Polynesia as well) in attempt to better understand the population baseline and migratory patterns.



hook removal

Although fishing sharks is illegal in French Polynesia, often sharks are accidentally caught. Fishermen often cut the line as soon as it is realized that a shark is struggling on the other end of the line. However, the hooks and the excess fishing line attached remain for a long period of time and can affect feeding, health, and pose a risk of entanglement and suffocation. We are working to perfect a technique through the use of tonic immobility that allows us to safely remove any impactful hooks or fishing line.

professional shark safety & trauma training

In an area where ecotourism is thriving and sharks are often the center of attention for such operations, it is vital that operators working with these predators fully understand the importance of preventative safety, behavioral understanding, and have the necessary trauma training as well as equipment onboard at all times. A species that is so heavily misunderstood and under-respected must be taken seriously when immersing into their world and human-shark interactions must be done with a complete understanding of the importance of positive interactions and the consequence of ignorance. We provide training in all areas necessary to conduct safe and respectful shark ecotourism.


Community Outreach

At Mao Mana, we recognize that the most influential way to make an impact for our planet is to inspire others to speak up for their environment and help protect it. We strive to educate the community on the importance of sharks and how they can help sharks in their every day life. We offer classroom presentations, community seminars, campaign collaborations, and more in effort to build a community of shark protectors.


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